Power tool decision

One of my most recent problems came when I broke my old DeWalt drill. I’ve been spending the last few days deciding which to go for next. I wasn’t sure what I was going to replace it with, because of the vast sea of choice. That itself presents itself with difficulties. The thing that’s getting to me is, spending money on a new one is a significant investment, and you have to get it right. Especially if you do this for a living.

So, I will be announcing shortly what my final decision is, what brand I’ve chosen, and why I think think that particular power tool is well suited for my needs.

Welcome to my blog

Hey all, thanks for popping by. My names is John and it’s been a long time since I begun working in the home improvement trade. I have spent countless hours helping friends, families and client perfect their homes, and show them how to make the most of the living space given to them through advanced construction techniques, and DIY guides.

This blog was started with a vision of becoming the go to resource online for simple, yet effective tips that almost anyone can follow providing they have the tools. I hope you find my write ups helpful. Speak soon. John.